PDF Grace Books

Within 15-30 pages our PDF Grace Books thoroughly cover all the most important aspects required to come to a full understanding of Grace and the glorious New Covenant! We have used edited versions of some of the most important past and upcoming articles on this website and combined them in short PDF Grace Books, ensuring the foundational principles of the Gospel of Grace are communicated in a sequential and easy to understand manner.

pdf grace book

Understanding the Purpose of the Old and New Covenants

Grace Book 1


Three Covenants

When did the Old Testament End?

Reading the Bible in Context

The Purpose of the New Covenant

(24 pages)

How the Law was Given and Taken Away
Grace Book 2



How the Law Came Into Existence

Divorced from the Law

Watered-Down Law

So You Want to Preach the Law?

(18 pages)


The Law is Finished, So Quit Preaching It

Grace Book

Did Jesus End the Law or Not?

Righteousness Through the Law Pt 1

Righteousness Through the Law Pt 2

So You Want to Preach the Law? 

(15 pages)




Why God Sees You as Completely Blameless

Grace Book



Feeling Good Enough For God

What is Disobedience?

The Spirit

The Soul

The Body
(15 pages)