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So you have discovered Grace and your mind has been renewed by this glorious gospel. You have woken up to the truth that our Abba Father is not an angry God, but someone who loves us with a burning love and has paid the highest price to unite us with Him. You have discovered that you can minister as a Royal Priest directly unto God, without the need of a Pastor or a Priest mediating God’s voice to you. There is no middle man required anymore, like in the Old Testament.

But have you ever thought about why only certain people are allowed to minister as Priests unto other PEOPLE? Why is there a breed of “special, anointed and called” people who get to do ALL the ministering during Sunday services? Why are they being paid to do what EVERY Christian is supposed to do?

If you are ready for the next step in your Christian walk, take the plunge and visit our Organic Church website. It might just blow your mind…

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